Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sexy Hardware

The design and options on this new Hard Drive from Western Digital are beautiful. Check out this post about it on

Beautiful Reality

1stAveMachine has Amazing CGI and design. Even Minneapolis musician Dosh is featured on one of the videos.

Free TV

I'm already paying the cable company for access, why can't you just watch TV on my PC? There are people out there working on this now, my guess is that Google will win the war. For now there is

HD Format Future

The future is flash memory. You will download content to a flash drive or buy a flash drive. While Blue-ray and HD DVD fight it out, long before a winner emerges, they will both lose to Highspeed internet. Currently speeds are not fast enough for High-Definition downloads to really excite me but soon enough we will have acceptable speeds. I imagine your iPhone for example would show you all the movies and music you could want and you would download it to the massive flash drive on your phone. Commercials and food menus will pop up when you are in the appropriate locations.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Windows XP theme. Dark Material.

I have always wondered why there was only 3 Windows XP Theme colors. I hate them all. I spent a lot of time searching for answers. A lot of "smart" people claimed you can change the colors, but this is only true in the windows classic theme, not in XP. Eventually I found the holy grail.

This Windows XP Zune Theme is also pretty cool:
click to download it.